My Baby

Hello everyone
This time I will use the Google translator, hard for me to write in English certain things.
I want to talk about my baby, her name is Stephanie and live 6600 miles from me, long distance relationship LDR.
I’m not so young anymore to fall easily in love , I’m not a guy who is courting all girls , I think I’m quite serious . I could never think of finding a woman like her and the case of the life he wanted that I find it right where I always said to myself ‘ ‘ impossible to find love there ‘ ‘ I talk about Facebook . My heart began to beat very strong, I was no longer able to think, I was a complete idiot, haha. She is beautiful and full of live, what impressed me a lot, her intelligence. We have this report from 7 months and every time I hear it or see her on Skype seems to fly.
Every day I feel it gives me exceptional strength, gives me courage, desire to do and a great desire to live. Yes, of course, is not always easy when you live so far away, but I believe in it and can’t wait to be able to take the plane and fly to her. Enough with the personal things, we go forward. Ah, I wish you all to find your soul mate
regards Sergio


Real motivated people

I state that my personal idol is Alex Zanardi , after an ugly incident in F1 and survived by a miracle today he is a true example of what it means not to surrender. After a long convalescence in the hospital, started to work on himself with an enviable also result in large samples. Returned to the scene and participating in various competitions with excellent results in car sport did not stop and continued his athletic career in various sports activities. Thanks Alex Zanardi to give courage to so many people.

Fedex CART World Series


Paralimpiadi, secondo oro per Alex Zanardi.  Alex Zanardi



Reading here or there on the web I discovered another very interesting character, full of life and with a capacity of giving strong emotions and motivations huge, I talk about Nick Vujicic . Even this character just to hear it gives you a huge force and if you look at his video any leaves you speechless and maybe some even a tear


I can only advise you to take example from these people with a great strength of character

will fighting for my Stephanie


Our home planet, earth, from the day we born is exploring our world in our DNA. Finding always some new reason to research, as baby tasting all that we toke in the hands.

Watching the son rising, the water in river slowly flows away in front of us, looking the blue sky, walking in the forest, sometimes smelling the flowers. Earth is the only planet that we know with life on it and with water. The impact in our lifetime is bigger than we think.

Everyday every day the earth evolved without we realize it, earthquakes small or big, erosion of water and wind, volcanos or the humans.

Travelling or dreaming to travel our earth everybody does, to meet people from other city’s or countries, studding the culture or only watching how they live, Asian, European, American, African or Australia, all so different but all people of our earth